Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's been happening?

Been a while here on the Nomadic Ute... sorry for any die hard followers (ha)! The month of January went by quickly... when I got back from Utah, Heather basically took my planner from me and wrote in all the dates and events that I had with her... I guess that comes with the 'leaving her for 10 days' situation... we had a launch party, housewarming party, and oh yeah, I went to Vegas with her for her friend's bday. I experienced my first sports betting, and I lost on 3 of 4 prop bets, which will likely discourage me from doing it again. Also, Vegas is just not worth doing anymore unless you have plans to go to shows; showing up and figuring it out only results in me losing money :)

We also went to Barret Jackson a few weeks ago... for those, like me, who had never heard of this, it's this huge car auction, where people with a lot of money congregate to ogle over fancy cars. A Shelby went for $350K.... and Rusty Wallace sold his NASCAR stock car for like $130K. Heather told me there is always a party atmosphere with celebrities galore, but there was not.. I was told that Kerry Wood (the ole Cubs pitcher) was there by a few her Dad's friends, but come to find out, it was some other Cubs pitcher I'd never heard of..... they pointed him out to me and I was like "that's not Kerry Wood." They say, "oh, so who is he?" I don't know, it's your pal. If I didn't go, Heather would have saw me later that night and been like, "Riley Riley, guess what? We saw Kerry Wood!" Pssshh

Other than that, I organized an intramural soccer team for our Grad School. We are the Flying "SOS"ers. Most of us on the team haven't played soccer since we were in 4th grade, but we won our first game this past Monday 5-3... surprisingly, I scored 3 goals, a hat trick. I wouldn't put too much on that though, as my 2 other frontline teammates did all the ball handling and just passed it to me beautifully so I could kick it in. For the next game, there just might be some celebrations, like tearing the shirt off and diving on the ground.

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